Girl Boss Package
Minority owned women owned small business
Melissa aka Mrs. Kev on Stage
Over the years, we have seen repeat business from female entrepreneurs and community representatives. To that end, 95% of our clients are females. When surveyed on why they retain services from CCP Photos, they site high-quality images that resonate with their audience, accurate color representation of skin, professionalism, and consistent-looking images that contributes to consistent branding. 
As women open businesses at a record pace, we are meeting the demand by offering our most requested services in a package deal. Do you need professional photos for events, products, or branding? We have what you need! The Girl Boss Package includes the following:

-2 Hi-Def Headshots photos & 5 lifestyle photos, with options to receive more, in-studio or on location* (can consist of product photography). 
-Do you need an event photographed? Add $175 for 2 hrs of service.
-10% discount for MAKEUP and HAIR from Already Perfect.* (Discount code provided when services are purchased.)  
-10% discount for ministry-related projects.
-15% discount for paid referrals for any service we offer.
-Package starts at $425.

Most clients use this package to start a website or for brand campaigns that need quality images with expert skin editing and professional lighting.
Thank you!

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